About Us

  Adrian Mihaylov is the founder and creative director of the Adrian – Mi’s brand.
 Adrian-Mi was born in 2017 with the ambition of offering a new alternative to women’s, as well as men’s wardrobe, and create the perfect combination between high fashion, sportswear and new wave tailoring.
 Each piece of the collections is a mix of a sophisticated elegance and a strong urban wear statement.
 Adrian-Mi creates looks that have the architectural lines used in classic tailoring and twist them to give them that edgy modern vibes dear to the brand.
 Another distinctive concept of Adrian-Mi is the use of a seasonal print. The designer, Adrian Mihaylov, translates his artistic passion of painting academic art and subculture into prints that are layered and mix on several pieces in each collection.
  Adrian-Mi looks can be recognized thanks to the sharply defined shoulder lines, structured silhouettes
  Every garment is made to express the interesting inner world of such a type of consumer. You can easily guess the creative and attractive person in his style and that's what we are trying to suggest. Things can be worn both for special occasions and everyday style.
  Most of the products in the brand are LIMITED EDITION. Adrian rely on high quality materials and creative development.

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